Watercolor Flower Quotes Animated Sticker


Watercolor Flower Quotes Animated Sticker is new sticker pack on iOS 10. This pack features new stickers to bring even more excitement to your Messages conversations. Start peeling and sticking this pack today!

Everyone has a dream, but not anyone can achieve it. You Can support them by sending them motivational quotes on a daily basis of your friend. And now you can do this easily via iMessage!

To start using Watercolor Flower Quotes Animated Sticker :
Step 1: Open a message with a friend and tap “>” button to the left to the text box
Step 2: Tap the app button that appears (it looks like an “A”) and then tap the button the button in the lower left (looks like four circles). This opens up the iMessage app drawer.
Step 3: Tap Watercolor Flower Quotes Animated Sticker icon to start sending stickers

Tips & tricks in sending stickers:
* Tap to send sticker as emoji
* Touch and hold to ‘peel off’ the sticker. Then, move it around to stick them on top of speech bubbles, other stickers or photos.


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